Many people ask “What does the name Elim mean?” It is mentioned in Exodus 15 as an oasis that the people of Israel found in the desert of Sinai. The founding families of Elim in the 19th century were Norwegian immigrants to Marshalltown and found the church an oasis for them in a new and strange land. Now, in the 21st century, we at Elim strive to make this congregation an oasis of refreshment for anyone and everyone who comes to us, through our worship, education and fellowship but also for our community in a variety of social ministries. We invite you to come, be refreshed, nourished for your spiritual journey and in turn, join us in helping others to receive that same aid and comfort.



Saturday Evening – 5:00 PM
Sunday Morning – 9:00 AM
Sunday Morning Radio Ministry broadcast from 11:05 AM until noon. Tune into KFJB 1230AM 











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